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A blog is a grafitti with punctuation…

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Jude Law is the blogger in Contagion, a movie that “spreads a lethal airborne virus” in every cinema – he tells in his blog the “true story” of labs that work together with government to hide real information from the people.

The movies is astonishing in one aspect: many good actors die or are about to die in the very beginning:Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and so on.

A person that doesn´t want to be bothered by the journalist blogger tells that blog is not a serious thing, it is just a grafitti with punctuation… Quite interesting to think about the blogs effect on people and the virus spread, and also the lack of credibility of the blogger versus the lies of Government and scientists.

You can use it in education, specially for 10-12 yrs old students, in order to impress them with the contagion possibilities for no good hygienic habits. It really can impress students.


Jude Law é o blogger em Contágio, um filme sobre “um virus letal no ar” que se espalha em cada cinema – ele diz em seu blog a “verdadeira história” de laboratórios que trabalham em conjunto com o governo para esconder informações reais do povo.

O filme é surpreendente em um aspecto: bons atores morrem ou estão prestes a morrer mesmo no início do filme: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet e assim por diante.

Uma pessoa que não quer ser incomodada pelo jornalista blogueiro diz que blog não é uma coisa séria, é apenas um graffiti com pontuação … O filme é interessante para pensar sobre o efeito dos blogs sobre as pessoas X a propagação do vírus, e também a falta de credibilidade do blogueiro X as mentiras do governo e dos cientistas.

O filme é interessante para o uso na educação, especialmente para estudantes de 10 a 12 anos. Realmente sairão impressionados sobre os efeitos de não manterem  hábitos higiênicos como lavar as mãos, etc.

NaBloPoMo November 2011 begins…

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I will try hard to be on NaBloPoMo marathon: one post a day. Send your comments in order I can feel company here…

Bruno, Hitler and Tom Cruise: what is fame?

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When I was writting yesterday´s post on Bruno movie, I thought it was a hell of an ironic evaluation of those who pursuit fame, as the script really starts as Brüno wonders how he might become as famous as that other Austrian, Hitler.

It reminded me about Operation Valkyrie (2004) with Tom Cruise as Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, that tried to place a bomb where Hitler would make a conference. And also, it reminded me about Tom Cruise in Rio, where astonished Brazilians yelled to death to celebrate his stay in our country. He was a famous man. Not only for his movies but for his kindness with his audience. Despite some mistakes as thanking journalists with “gracias” (Spanish word) and also talking about our music as samba (correct) and tango (incorrect), he was very kind to eveyone. A good example of fame built on a solid career and not on empty midia actions. Watch this documentary on the interview he gave to Brazilian journalists.

Sarah applies for a movie script.

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Sarah PalinSarah Palin, a former runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty contest, burst on to the political scene in 2006 by becoming both the first female and youngest governor in Alaskan history at the age of 42.

Her life is full of vigorous situations: mother-of-five, abuse of power, unconventional jobs including sports reporter and commercial fisherman, political career and so on.

The thing is she is probably a good subject for a movie script. Who applies for it?


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I decided to join National Blog Posting Month yesterday. I have to write every day in this blog. Would you join me? I would like your comments and theme suggestions. Let´s do it!


Decidi ontem entrar no National Blog Posting Month. Todo dia, um post novo aqui. Você está comigo nesta? Gostaria de receber seus comentários e sugestões de tema. Vamos em frente!



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Pode parecer meio antigo mas não é mesmo. Trata-se do curta feito pela Republik Filmes, com direção e roteiro coletivo da 300 ML, que arrasou no Festival do Rio, em 2006. Selton Mello e Seu Jorge analisam os filmes de Tarantino. Selton tem tiradas muito boas, seguido por Seu Jorge, que tem respostas inspiradas.


Por que escolher este curta para iniciar o blog? O curta mostra o melhor do nosso povo brasileiro: inteligência aguda, senso de humor, intuição e excelentes observações sobre o mundo do cinema, tanto para crítica como para desfrute ou análise. Nosso desafio? Seguir nesta trilha, livre e criativa.


Outro desafio: já postar em português e inglês. É necessário definitivamente cruzar esta ponte entre quem sabe e quem não sabe português/inglês. Como no cinema, tem fala e legenda.



It may seem old but it is really not old. This is the short film made by Republik Films, with direction and collaborative script of 300 ML. It was a happening at the Rio Film Festival in 2006. The movie is on the discussion between Selton Mello and Seu Jorge where they analyse the films of Tarantino. Selton is deep in his analysis and Seu Jorge speeks very little but has also inspired answers.

Why choose this short film to start the blog? It shows the best of Brazilian people mind: acute intelligence, sense of humor, intuition and excellent observations on the world of cinema, both to criticism and to enjoy. Our challenge? Follow this free and creative trail.


Another challenge: post in Portuguese and English. It is necessary to finally cross the bridge between those who know and those who do not know Portuguese / English. As in the film, we have speech and legend.




1) Seu Jorge is a Brazilian singer –

2) Rio Film Festival is the most important international festival in Brazil and Latin America.




Hello world!

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Welcome to this blog on movies!