Bruno, Hitler and Tom Cruise: what is fame?

When I was writting yesterday´s post on Bruno movie, I thought it was a hell of an ironic evaluation of those who pursuit fame, as the script really starts as Brüno wonders how he might become as famous as that other Austrian, Hitler.

It reminded me about Operation Valkyrie (2004) with Tom Cruise as Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, that tried to place a bomb where Hitler would make a conference. And also, it reminded me about Tom Cruise in Rio, where astonished Brazilians yelled to death to celebrate his stay in our country. He was a famous man. Not only for his movies but for his kindness with his audience. Despite some mistakes as thanking journalists with “gracias” (Spanish word) and also talking about our music as samba (correct) and tango (incorrect), he was very kind to eveyone. A good example of fame built on a solid career and not on empty midia actions. Watch this documentary on the interview he gave to Brazilian journalists.


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