17 Again / 17 Outra Vez

zacefron17again117 Again was launched this week in Brazil. It is a film about 37-year old Mike O’Donnell who, dissatisfied with his life to date, suddenly finds himself 17 again with a chance to relive the life he lost by marrying his pregnant high school girlfriend Scarlet. Mike, now going by the name Mark, goes back to his old high school where he encounters his own daughter Maggie and son Alex  and comes to know his 37-year old wife Scarlett  in a renewed light.

Two significant scenes. The first one – Mike is driving over a bridge when he is transformed in Mark, a 17 yrs boy. The bridge is a good symbol of his life – he does not cross over it – always regretting the splendid life he had at his 17´s, when his girlfriend told him she was pregnant and he decided to abandon everything to marry her. The second one – Mark is in a corridor (birth tunnel?) when he is back as Mike, the adult father of Maggie and Alex, married to Scarlett. Is he born again? The scene indicates he is sorry about his mistakes with his wife and teenage children, but he does not seem to have changed.

The movie shows a scenario that a lot of people are experiencing: adults that miss their previous lives, and do no consolidate the options and ways they have chosen in the present life. Despite classified as a teen movie, it is an amazing experience for grown ups.

Take care if you feel ok with the movie. Despite it is funny and has a good direction, it is a movie on a character that is not a real grown up, even after his 17 back again.


Este filme, sobre um marido e pai displicente, que sonha com a vida que teria se não tivesse abandonado os estudos e a carreira esportiva para atender sua namorada grávida, abre a possibilidade de um retorno ao passado para rever decisões. Mike, o marido, transforma-se em Mark, um jovem de 17 anos, bem sucedido e autoconfiante.

Duas cenas significantes para melhor compreender o filme. A primeira, Mike está dirigindo sobre uma ponte quando se transforma no garoto de 17 anos que tinha sido. A ponte é um excelente símbolo de sua vida: não a cruza, indeciso entre a realidade e seu sonho. A segunda cena é aquela em que Mark se transforma no adulto Mike, novamente. Ele está em um corredor (túnel onde renasce?). Voltará como adulto responsável? O filme acena que sim, mas, na simbologia, mostra que não. Não se entusiasme muito se você se sentir identificado com o personagem. Provavelmente ele continuará como um adulto que não cresceu, que não cruzou a ponte.


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