I decided to join National Blog Posting Month yesterday. I have to write every day in this blog. Would you join me? I would like your comments and theme suggestions. Let´s do it!


Decidi ontem entrar no National Blog Posting Month. Todo dia, um post novo aqui. Você está comigo nesta? Gostaria de receber seus comentários e sugestões de tema. Vamos em frente!



3 Responses to “NaBloPoMo09”

  1. Hey! How’s it going with the NaBloPoMo09 deal? Still writing? I’m doing it too, and it’s challenging, for sure!

    • educadoresurbanos Says:

      Wow, Sheila, it is a crazy task! But I am improving my theme´s selection and my focus. I am loving it. Do you like movies? If so, wait for two posts for next week about movies to be launched.

  2. Yes, I love movies. My Hb and I saw “whatever works” last night – it was very entertaining. 🙂 I write about movies sometimes, too, but it’s not a big hobby for me to write about them, I like to write about plays more. Unfortunately, I see a lot more movies than plays…

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