Susan Boyle: good story for a script.

Europeans are enjoying the success of Susan Boyle that has just got a special evaluation at Britain´s Got Talent. She says Ellen Page is her success model. Susan is not a beauty like Ellen Page and also did not got an opportunity so early as Ellen Page had, acting since she was 10 yrs old. Someone told me that she referred to Elaine Paige, the British actress and singer (The First Lady of British Musical Theatre). Probably it is true and reveals that her dream is really high.

What  I want to stress is the genuine human being she is, full of that joy of life that make us specials. I hope that her performance spreads all over Brazil and the world. We need this kind of faith in life and vibe to face the moments the planet is going thru.


Os europeus estão curtindo a vitória de Susan Boyle em um show britânico. Seu modelo de sucesso é Ellen Page, que ainda criança teve uma oportunidade no cinema e é uma linda mulher. Susan não é linda e apenas agora, aos 47 anos, tem seu momento de glória. Uma pessoa me disse que ela estava se referindo a outra pessoa, Elaine Paige, a atriz e cantora britânica. Provavelmente é isso mesmo e vemos então que seu sonho é ainda mais alto.

O que desejo enfatizar é que se trata de um ser humano puro, cheio de fé e confiança na vida. Que a notícia se espalhe pelo Brazil e pelo mundo pois precisamos desta energia neste momento planetário.


If you do not see the embedded presentation, watch it in youtube, looking for Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009.

Se for impossível ver o vídeo embedado, procure pelo título em negrito para ver direto no Youtube.


6 Responses to “Susan Boyle: good story for a script.”

  1. eline paige

  2. educadoresurbanos Says:

    Hi Nat, thank you so much. I already have made an observation on that in the post as you will see. Brazilians are more used to remember North Americans names and it was what came to my mind as soon as I listened to the answer of Susan.

  3. I was so happy to see Eline Page in Norway some years –
    and the trouly difference between her an Susan Boyle was that gave all herself to the audience, EP gave her voice and her positive sides, and she was either not so present as SB.

    Looking forward to see if this is the start of a long career, or if it is a one sing stand…..

    Anyhow – carpe diem! – as she did!

    • educadoresurbanos Says:

      Mass media goes for beauty and age. It will be difficult for her to succeed in the entertainment industry, in my opinion. I would bet in a good story for a script. There are good elements in her story as the motivation to go to the show as a promise to her dead mother and so on. Besides that trigger, I realize a script could do something very good on her temper and personality. She is very positive on her qualities and world vision. It would be a hell of a story for a movie, motivating others to rescue the better of themselves and to try protagonism. Tks for your comment on this blog.

  4. Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

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