Oportunidades para Língua Portuguesa/Portuguese opportunities!

poster_largeTerminou o XV Festival de Cinema para Crianças, no Cairo. Filmes de língua portuguesa ( Portugal), estiveram lá:  O Pescador de Sonhos, Stuart, Melodia Amarga, Abraço do Vento, A Suspeita, As Coisas de Cá, On the Top of the Moon.

O Juri dos filmes foi composto por estudantes de escolas secundárias locais. A idéia do festival é promover filmes sobre problemas de crianças e jovens ou que colaborem em sua educação e entretenimento.

As discussões promovidas pela mídia sobre o acordo ortográfico entre os países de língua portuguesa tem aberto oportunidades a estes países no mundo cultural. Aproveitem!


The Film Festival for Children in Cairo has just finished. The following Portuguese-language films (Portugal), were there: The Fisherman of Dreams, Stuart, Sad Melody, Wind Hug, The Suspicion, Things from Here, On the Top of the Moon (titles free translated by this blogger).

The Jury was formed by students from local high schools. The idea of the festival is to promote films on issues related to children and young people or that help in their education and entertainment.

The discussions promoted by the media about the agreement spelling between Portuguese-speaking countries has opened opportunities for these countries in world culture. Portuguese-language countries have to enjoy the opportunity!


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